NGK’s mission is to prepare children for a global future and IT intensive society.



To this end, we mix children of different backgrounds and hold the camp in a private setting where children can be closer to nature and can disconnect from the “plugged-in” world.



We focus on education that develops the whole child.



Our Arts education curriculum stimulates the mind and creativity through instruction in subjects such as drawing, sculpture, design and music.


On the physical side, we include activities fusing both the mind and body such as yoga and meditation practice. We allow children to experience newness through all aspects of the camp, even in the food served from various cultures around the world.



Above all, our goal is for NGK campers to discover the joy of learning!


NGK ニュー・ジェネレーション・キッズ 副代表

武蔵野学院大学国際コミュニケーション学科 教授


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